Food Education Trust


The Food Education Trust which has donated a whopping £2500 worth of cookery equipment to the school. The donation of £2500 has enabled pupils to enjoy more meaningful cookery lessons as the new equipment has facilitated children to prepare and cook a wider, more adventurous range of dishes enabling them to broaden their culinary skills and try new recipes.

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Cooking lessons are on the curriculum in 2015 at Princethorpe Junior School in Birmingham. Pupils at Princethorpe Junior School can now discover how to prepare and cook delicious dishes and tasty treats thanks to the new cookery equipment donated by The Food Education Trust.

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Birchwood Community High School

Thanks to The Food Education Trust a healthy eating initiative at Birchwood Community High School is now in its second phase.

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Patchway Community College

Helping children reach their potential is vital. A donation for £2300 has enabled a group of pupils at Patchway Community College, Bristol, enhance their social skills, improve their behavior and accomplish tasks through learning about food and how to cook.

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St Aldhelm’s

The Food Education Trust has revolutionised food technology lessons at St Aldhelm’s Academy in Poole by providing an extensive range of modern, up-to-date, catering and cookery equipment. The donation, the largest to date awarded by the Food Education Trust, worth in excess of £2750, has enabled the school to significantly improve the cookery lessons it provides as part of the national curriculum, as well as extracurricular activities.

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Gamston Primary

The Food Education Trust has chosen Gamston Primary School in Nottinghamshire as the beneficiary of its latest donation. The donation of £200 contributed towards the purchase of a new oven for the school’s cookery club. The donation will enable the pupils of Gamston Primary School to produce and cook a wider range of dishes at the weekly cookery club held after school.

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King Alfred’s Academy

The Food Education Trust is helping King Alfred’s Academy by providing the school with £1410 of brand new cookery equipment, thereby enhancing the Food Technology classes offered at the Academy by enabling pupils to be taught a wider range of cookery skills during their lessons.

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The Food Education Trust has chosen Sufra – NW London as the beneficiary of its latest donation. The donation of £1377.25 will enable the new northwest London based charity to teach vulnerable children in the most deprived communities to cook nutritious meals on a limited budget.

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Crossgates Primary School

The Food Education Trust, an independent charity that teaches children and adults cookery skills, has enabled Cross Gates Primary School in Rochdale to significantly improve the nutritional value of the food it serves its children and the quality of food education it provides to them. The charity has donated a new oven to the school, increasing its capacity for food production and enabling it to offer food based extracurricular activities.

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Ridgeway Primary School in South Tyneside has just received a £250 donation from The Food Education Trust that will fund cookery lessons for its pupils, educating them in the importance of a balanced diet and teaching them cooking skills for life.

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The Training and Learning Company

The Training and Learning Company operates throughout Dorset and strives to improve the health and well-being of disadvantaged individuals by providing the following: Basic cookery skills, food safety training, developing sustainable local community food initiatives based on the training and support for Community Food Champions in deprived communities and evolving additional training that will improve cooking and food safety skills in all age groups.

The £1500 grant awarded to The Training and Learning Company has provided vital cookery equipment for new series of cooking workshops called ‘Winter Warmers’ which will be delivered across Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole throughout February and March 2013. The Training and Learning Company is delighted with the funds received from The Food Education Trust as this donation has made such a difference to the company and the people it will benefit.

Caring for Life

The Food Education Trust awarded Caring for Life a grant of £500. This remarkable charity supports those who have “fallen through the net” of care, and have no one else to provide the support they need, including those who have been homeless or at risk of homelessness including young people from dysfunctional homes or who grown up in care having been the victims of appalling abuse and neglect in childhood.

The grant from the Food Education Trust has enabled residents of Crag House Farm, Tindall House as well as weekly individuals who benefit from the facilities and support at Caring for Life to gain much needed food education and basic cooking abilities within the Catering Academy Caring for Life Operates, which will assist with the development in equipping those with vital life and social skills.

“Caring For Life are thrilled to have received a donation of £500 from the Food Education Trust. This will provide a place on our Catering Academy for a vulnerable adult to learn essential life skills including how to prepare healthy meals.”

The Albany Centre

The Albany Centre is a pupil referral unit for 16-18 year old teens who have been excluded from mainstream education due to social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. The Food Education Trust has helped the Centre refurbish it’s kitchen so that all the students can take part in cookery lessons and provide their own lunches in the hope that they can start to appreciate the benefits and enjoyment derived from a healthy, balanced diet.

Welford & Wickham Primary School

Welford & Wickham Primary School in Berkshire benefited from a grant from the Trust to help build and equip a teaching kitchen in the school. The school wanted its pupils to learn about good food and home cooking.

The school’s Headteacher had this to say about Food Education Trust, “The Food Education Trust has made a tremendous impact on cookery in our school. We had no cooking facilities in school until we were able to install a kitchen for the children to use. Now we have weekly cookery classes when members of the community come into school to cook with the children, we have a cookery club after school, and many children are also able to cook during curriculum time. Our new kitchen has also meant we can run a breakfast club for children before school. We are so grateful to Romilla for her support of the school and the cooking that she came in to do with the children. We have really benefited from the generous grant and would like to thank the Food Education Trust for the support they have given us and the difference it has made to our children.”

St. Mary’s Primary School

St. Mary’s School has benefitted greatly from the kind donation of cookery equipment from The Food Education Trust. It has allowed many more children to participate in ‘real’ cooking because we have good quality equipment to cook a range of food and dishes. The children thoroughly enjoy using the new equipment and have become more confident because of the increased frequency of use. Our children have also been fortunate enough to receive cookery lessons from Romilla Arber which has made a fantastic difference to the children’s attitudes to food and cooking. The children are now much more open to trying new foods because of these sessions, much to the parents’ delight, and they are always encouraged to do as much as they can themselves, teaching them very valuable life lessons that promote a healthy lifestyle. We are hugely grateful to The Food Education Trust for their support with the promotion of healthy eating and cooking in our school. Thank you.

Kirkbride Primary School

Kirkbride Primary School in Wigton, Cumbria have been very helpful and have produced a document with images of the pupils’ and testimonials (see attached). The school has also provided the following information:

  1. The cookery club takes place every Tuesday 3:00 - 4:15 and lasts for 6 weeks (a half term).
  2. We open it to different age groups e.g. this half term it has been Y3 (7-8) children next it’s Y6 (10-11) etc.
  3. The children make a mixture of healthy eating and treats for the whole family e.g Fruit muffins, vegetable pasta bake, vanilla biscuits, handmade sausage rolls, pizza calzone.
  4. The ingredients are locally sourced and we use Fairtrade sugar etc. whenever we can.

Moortown Primary School

The equipment has been used throughout the key stages from Reception making soup to Year 5 & 6 making healthy flapjack. There is a cookery club every week which runs for 10 weeks. The electronic scales have made life much easier at the club and have allowed the children to be accurate in their measurements as well as having to decide which unit of measurement should be used.

Within cookery club the children have made muffins, pasties, biscuits, pizzas and much more. Within classrooms a few examples of dishes made are:

  1. Reception & Y6 have used the pans to make soup and porridge
  2. Y3 & 4 have made biscuits and healthy flapjack using the baking sheets and electronic scales
  3. Y1 & 2 have made muffins and fruit kebabs using the sharp knives to cut up the fruit

Pupils have gained a great deal of knowledge using the new equipment: there is accurate measuring of ingredients along with food hygiene; safety in the kitchen and rules that have to be followed particularly when using the sharp knives - the children using the knives have been taught the claw method when cutting; combining ingredients has meant that science is explored in a practical and exciting way with an end product and most of all the children have experienced the enjoyment of cooking.

From a social aspect children have become more aware of the needs of others in that they have learned that by swapping certain ingredients children with allergies can then enjoy the same experiences. This has then provided links with healthy eating and a balanced diet.

Norman Street Primary School

The Food Education Trust Grant has enabled our school to be equipped with table-top induction hobs, pans, bowls, utensils and even a wonderful storage trolley on wheels. This means that the children can have cookery lessons with ease now. Everything is in one place and easily accessible and transportable to whichever classroom needs it. We are able to use practical sessions to bring home the benefits of healthy eating as well as educating the children on simple food preparation techniques.

We hope to run a weekly cooking session after school every week but this still depends on interest and funding for perishables. Since purchasing the equipment cakes, buns, biscuits, soups and even a two course meal have been prepared.

As the staff realise how much we can now do, I envisage more and more use of the equipment.

This equipment has made a huge difference to the school and will continue to into the future. Our up and coming Multicultural week is packed with food sessions using foods from around the world; all thanks to the FET. Our planned Cookery Club is now possible thanks to this funding.

The Clere Secondary School

Clere Secondary School in Berkshire was given a £2800.00 donation, enabling them to replace essential cookery items with brand-new modern cooking equipment, which will not only greatly assist the pupils’ in their lessons, it will also mean that children will no longer have to wait to use utensils, saucepans, knives and blenders to complete each dish made in every class. Thanks to The Food Education Trust, there is now enough vital equipment for each class to run smoothly and efficiently. “We cannot thank The Food Education Trust enough for their generous donation. The funding has enabled the Clere Secondary School to purchase much needed cookery apparatus that will greatly improve the quality of each lesson. Thanks to The Food Education Trust, we now have enough resources will be able to accommodate more children who choose Food Technology as part of their G.C.S.E’s.” Enthused Cheryl Wheeler, Food Technology teacher at the Clere Secondary School.